Founder & CEO




We hope to realize our vision with divers, self-sustained business ideas for young people that will make them not just be job seekers but job creators or entrepreneurs, in essence, the concept here is that we are building a youth power-house that will serve as a vehicle to create a road map or a pathway that young people can onboard.


A photo of Youth in Business Office Building.

A photo of the founder & CEO of Youth in Business and with kids working on a school materials project for them

A photo of some houses in Port Loko District, Youth in Business working on a project to improve the shelter condition of our village people

A photo of Children from Sanda Village Bombali District

A photo of school girls applied for school materials such as Books, Pens, Pencils, Chairs and Tables from Sanda Village Bombali District.

A photo of children from Lunsar Port loko District

The founder & CEO of YiB-SL visit a village in Bombali District where some business people live in a hot like this one.

A photo of a old woman applied for better shelter in their village in Port Loko District.

A photo of the founder & CEO mate with the out gang group at the eastren part of Freetown give them the concept of Youth in Business so they can involved themsevlves in our business activities plan.

A photo of cross members of YiB-SL with business people at the centre part of Freetown pass the ideology of youth in business and how they can invovled themselves for sustainable development as a young people.

A photo of young people visiting the resident of the founder & CEO of youth in business requesting to be part of youth in business at the westren part of Freetown.

A photo of a cross members of youth in business staff and  membership of young people in youth in business at the eastren part of Freetown

Youth in Business - Sierra Leone: we empower young people to improve their livelihood through skills training and income generation activities.